June 22nd 2017 – The start 1

A bit of “history”:

From the experience with Release (and other ventures) I learned – I am neither a musician – nor a graphics artist.

All music in Release was done by VTK – which he did in his spare time and for free (or the fame only). Release features really good music now and IMHO the game wouldn’t be nearly as good without vtk’s help.

The graphics in Release are really simple, just  geometric figures – so that even I could draw them.

For this next – as yet unnamed game – I need both – great music and good graphics. For that at all to be possible I need help. Here is an extract of a letter I wrote 2nd of Mai:


… I am quite excited and would like to make proposal:
Within the next year (or so) – we as a team do a Vectrex project together.
Target: To write the brightest and shiniest and best Jump & Run Game the Vectrex has ever seen.
Each one of us has a primary function within that project:
– me – programming
– VTK – doing the music
– Jacek – doing (most of) the graphics
Secondary function of everyone:
– bring in ideas
The finished product will be (at the end) public domain, the source + music + art will be included.
We probably will do a boxed release – I don’t know how many.
If we happen to make any profit (which I doubt) we will share equally (after the material costs for the release version have been paid).
Everyone of us as an incentive receives a Karl Quappe Deluxe edition.
– I get the dark blue one
– Jacek gets the red one
– VTK gets the green one
Official start will be, when I have finished all Karl Quappe „business“.
(Unofficial start is, when you both are ok with this and also are looking forward to be doing something great and not meaningful :-)).
From both guys I got positive feedback – the “project” commences.

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