7th of March 2018 Something else – for now!

I haven’t updated the project in quite some time so it seems.

Somehow I never really came to grips with this project. From my side it is not dead yet – I put quite a lot of time in the playfield code. Even after the last update.

It again got a little bit faster, and supports now also animated tiles. Nonetheless even after all the time spent with it – I do not yet have a vision for the end product.

For this reason – and the fact that I have been sick for about 10 days now – (and spending much recuperating time idle in front of my computer), which gave me the opportunity to try different things out, that I never took the time todo before…

The short version. Project “Jumper” tile based game is officially on hold (not dead) now.

I will show a short video what I did the last three days – and afterwards do some explaining…

… with the next update :-).



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