June 22nd 2017 – Proto engine 1

The last about 7 weeks I haven’t heard a word of my colleges…

Nonetheless I started along the way my first prototypings.

What I did is try to render a tile-based level. It is not efficient at all, and does not feature any “soft clipping”.

The screen consists (in theorie) of 256 possible tiles (16 x 16), I only implenented 4 different tiles:

  • ” ” space = nothing
  • “[” start of something
  • “]” end of something
  • “=” middle of something

The engine is on no way performant yet, each of the 256 locations is tested individually! Tiles can only have one size etc…

There are no animated tiles, no player, no sound – nothing. As a demo how it looks like, a short video:

As mentioned before – the thought is, that a player will permanently stay in the middle of the screen as the level “moves” with his actions.

The implemented joystick movement uses analog control – the level moves faster the further you push the analog stick.

Here the most simple (and memory using) tile map:

And if you want to try it on your vectrex yourself – download the first bin file: Jumper_0.bin


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